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Akopyan A.A., Borkovskaya O.Yu., Dmitruk N.L., et al. PHOTOCONVERTERS WITH AlGaAs/GaAs HETEROJUNCTION ON TEXTURED GaAs SUBSTRATES. Tashkent: FAN 2004.

The monograph presents the results of physico-technological studies of photoconverters made on the basis of AlGaAs/GaAs heterostructures LPE-grown on textured and flat growth surfaces of n-GaAs (100) (donor concentration 10≥18 cm-3).
The authors widely use the results of their own investigations in the area. Particular attention is given to the features of optical, electric and photoelectric phenomena in heterostructures with textured interface of p-n junction that provide higher efficiency for photoconverters on the so-called soft substrates as compared with those on flat substrates, all other factors being equal. Some peculiarities of ohmic and barrier contacts formation on textured GaAs surfaces are also considered.
The monograph is intended for researchers and engineers engaged in semiconductor photoelectronics, as well as for postgraduates and undergraduates dealing with the above problems.


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