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Olimov K.K., Gulamov K.G., Lutpullaev S. L., et al. Partial inelasticity coefficients of negative pions in p, d, α, 12C+12Cand p, 12C+181Ta collisions at 4.2GeV/c per nucleon.

The partial inelasticity coefficients of the negative pions were determined in minimum bias p, d, α, 12C+12Cand p, 12C+18Ta collisions at 4.2AGeV/c taking into account the average number of participant nucleons of a projectile nucleus. In nucleus–nucleus collisions, the average values of partial inelasticity coefficients (K(π−)) of the negative pions did not depend on the mass numbers of projectile and target nuclei. Increase of K(π−) in going from p+12Cto d, α,
12C+12C collisions was due to an additional source of production of fast negative pions in nucleus–nucleus collisions — a charge exchange conversion of one or more neutrons of a projectile nucleus into a proton and π−. Linking the experimental results of the present analysis at intermediate energy with those obtained at high and ultra-high energies, it was concluded that the average values of partial inelasticity coefficients of pions in nucleon–nucleus and nucleus–nucleus collisions manifest a transitive behavior. At intermediate energies, the values of K(π−)were smaller by a factor of two and more as compared to those at high energies, and they
increased further with increasing incident energy, reaching a plateau at E0 > 100AGeV.


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