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Lednicky R., Lutpullaev S.L., Olimov K.K., et al. Experimental measurement of sizes of emission sources for deuterons and α particles in 16 O- p collisions at 3.25AGeV/c.

The sizes of emission sources of deuterons and α particles were determined in minimum bias 16O-p collisions at 3.25AGeV/c from the analysis of experimental one-dimensional correlation functions of these particles, based on a theoretical model assuming the simultaneous excitation and decay of sources (of identical particles), whose coordinates are distributed according to a Gaussian function. The peak was observed in the experimental correlation function of the pairs of α particles in the region of q< 25MeV/c, which was deduced to be due to decays of unstable 8 Be and 9 B nuclei at various kinetic energies. This result does not contradict the popular assumption of other authors about the existence of the α-condensate state in the 16 O nucleus since unstable 8 Be and 9 B nuclei themselves can probably be formed from decay of the α-condensate state of the oxygen nucleus if such a state does exist


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